Stem cells from umbilical cord blood in clinical experiments

 The quarterly scientific team

Worriedly, but with a humanitarian goal, we have entered in a sacred arena battered by waves of days, going up sometime and falling down another. Sometimes, the obstacle of fatwas and legal opinions, and the least objection to implicit and explicit sides of the subject and of the new phenomena make our task very complicated. Facing with new phenomena and new scientific discoveries, and taking positive or negative position toward them, need experience, skills, and special knowledge.
The topic in this article, as we think, is a great scientific achievement, and the least error or inadequacy in this way will lead to bad consequences that cannot be treated easily. This achievement gives hope to many, and paves the way for the curing of many incurable diseases; it is the discovery of stem cells that generate blood from umbilical cord blood.
This discovery, in this article, is like a spring that will flow to fill the cups of cure inasmuch as needed. In this article, we will move deliberately and at ease from one stage to another until we discover the bends and curves, and reach the pure water that grant life anew.
The way in which the umbilical cord blood bank works is how to prepare the newborn baby’s mother, and inform her and the father of all process details and … how blood is taken from the umbilical cord, when the clamp is tied to the umbilical cord, where the clamp is put and why, the different tests, and the method of access to the sensitive stage of blood banking, the making use of it, implanting, etc. ….
That which will be showed in this brief and what is the topic of research and investigation, and which requires us to deliberate more and rely on documents and views of scholars and experts in this field, is to pay much attention to some of the harmful and destructive views in it.

Keywords: stem cells, umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord blood bank, umbilical cord blood banking, natural birth, clamp, jurisprudence (Fiqh), fatwa.

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