Topic knowing, a new science

 abbas zahiri

The (topic knowing) is one of the very important theorems that has important applications, and that has made the jurisprudence science in ongoing renovation, be actively present, and have the decision in all fields. It is the knowledge that has been since long ago the light that illuminates the path of scholars and men of fatwa, opens horizons to them, paves the way before them, and never lets Fiqh fade away and disappear, or be lagging behind civilization and development, but makes it in continuous renovation and renewal, unlike many sciences that have remained only in the memory of history.
This crucial and decisive knowledge at the present, especially with the daily developments all over the world, is necessary more than ever before. It is worth to be singled out in an independent field, be dealt with through this dimension, to find appropriate grounds for it, research on it, and apply it in every field of jurisprudence.
In this article, topic, in topic knowing science, will be discussed from different sides to get to the important point that needs much contemplation; it is that topic in the (topic knowing science), which is a modern, independent science, is not the same as topic posed in various sciences; such as logic, philosophy, and Usool (fundamentals), etc. …, but it has a special meaning and usage, which will be carefully discussed for readers. And the other important theorem, which is a main topic in this article, and discussed for the first time, and proven with clear evidences, is the independent science of “topic knowing”.

Keywords: Topic knowing, a new independent science, topic, concept, evidence, tradition.

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