Bribery concept

 mohammad saeed javaheri

Bribery is the circumventing of law and violating the rights of others, and plotting to get worldly pleasures through illegal means.
Bribery is a contagious disease that leads to chaos and decay, and destroys infrastructures and legal bases of society at all times.
Bribery does not move in one way, does not expand within one area, and does not directly face the law, but it appears in every time, in a way or another. It follows special manners and changes its form and color, making it difficult to trace or know it in the administrative institutions in society. Hence, this article and research about all hidden and apparent points of this issue with all its changing image and color is a new research, where it is necessary to unveil it, and this is the responsibility of a jurisprudent who is full aware of his time, and who should watch the events, moment by moment, to know the defects, in order to fix them.
In this article, we discuss the conception and elements of bribery through explaining the definitions related to it. We will talk about its area and limits, and whether it includes the bribery in the judiciary circle only or it expands to include all administrative circles and all administrations officials. According to the technical and mental evidences, it will be clear that its area is much wider.
The next discussion in this article, will be about the pillars of bribery. After the carefully defining of bribery, there will come the discussion of bribery pillars, which are: the briber, the bribed, and bribery. And through accurate critical discussion, and the explanation of the restrictions and some other definitions, we will end our study with how bribery is committed, and since when it has appeared.

Keywords: Bribery, pillars and elements, evidences and limits, the briber, the bribed, bribery money.

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